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Course Curriculum

Whole Numbers Operations
Place & Total Value of numbers 02:00:00
Whole numbers-reading and writing numbers in symbols and words 00:45:00
Operation with Whole Numbers-Mixed Operations 00:40:00
Operation with whole numbers- LCM and GCD 00:40:00
Whole numbers- operation with days/months of the year 00:30:00
Whole numbers- word problem involving whole numbers 02:00:00
Whole numbers-sequences 01:00:00
Reading and writing decimals in symbols and words 00:10:00
Place & Total Value of Decimals 00:50:00
Operation on Decimals 01:00:00
decimals- word problem 00:35:00
Decimals- square roots 00:05:00
Decimal sequences 00:05:00
Percentages 00:20:00
Percentage increase and decrease 01:00:00
Conversion (Fraction, Decimal, Percentages) 00:08:00
Profit and Loss 00:40:00
Percentage profit and loss 00:45:00
Bills and Giving Change 01:20:00
Discount and Percentage Discount 01:00:00
Commission and percentage commission 00:54:00
Hire purchase 01:00:00
Simple interest 00:40:00
Compound Interest 00:40:00
Time, Speed and Temperature
Time 01:10:00
Fare and Distance Tables 00:45:00
Speed, Time and Distance 01:15:00
Ratio and Proportion
Ratio 01:00:00
Direct Proportion 00:40:00
Indirect Proportion 01:00:00
Volume, capacity and Mass
Volume (Cubes, Cuboids, Triangular prisms, Cylinders) 01:00:00
Volume of Packed Cubes 00:45:00
Capacity 02:00:00
Mass 00:50:00
Angles and their Properties 02:30:00
Construction of Perpendicular lines ( Not Drawn to Scale) 00:50:00
Construction of Triangles 00:30:00
Construction of Quadrilaterals ( diagrams not drawn to scale) 01:00:00
Construction of Circles ( Touching vertices and sides) 01:00:00
Pythagorean Relationship (Right angled Triangles) 01:05:00
Length, Perimeter And Area
Length and Its Operation 00:30:00
Perimeter and Circumference 01:20:00
Area of Varied Shapes 01:50:00
Surface Area (Open/closed boxes and cylinders) 00:50:00
Postal Charges
Inland and International Postal Charges 00:30:00
Money Orders and Inland Telegrams 00:00:00

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