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Stuck at-home most days?


Stuck at-home most days? Make the most of the time and see your grades improve and life change for the better!

It is easy to waste your days away watching TV, gaming for hours, or creating your latest tik tok masterpiece. Instead, adopt a little structure in your day and see your happiness and grades spike! All you need …  is attend a few live zoom classes that are fun and beneficial
This schedule assumes you have two 6-hour live classes a day. Adjust according to your live class schedule!


7:45 am Wake Up Call

Sleeping in too late is a waste of your day! Wake up say a prayer! Brush your teeth and say something positive while looking at yourself in the mirror. You deserve the praise! Something like Am awesome and I will be a positive influence in my generation, Today is my best day I will give it my best!


8 am – Breakfast


Eat up and more importantly drink up. Hydration can affect everything from your mood to your ability to concentrate.


8:15 am – 1 pm Class time

Focus is key. Find a private room if possible, close all apps, put your phone face down and don’t pick it up. Takes notes as you would in-person class – very important. Here you meet your friends.
Another essential aspect to succeed in your remote classes is to participate. Every educator has different formats for their classes but ask questions and speak up when you can. This will help you pay attention and ensure anything you don’t understand gets explained.


1 pm – 2 pm Lunch


Don’t forget to eat a healthy meal for lunch. Whether you are going to stuff your face before a siesta or just eat something light, make sure you’re avoiding sugars and fried foods.


4 pm – 5 pm Assignment time


What is Homework when all work is at home?
You’ve been assigned homework, bummer we know. This is the time to open up Ignite Minds Afrika Platform – www.igniteminds.net and find and do your assignments.


6 pm – 8 pm Do yo thang


Adventure and discovering yourself. That means making time for hobbies, friends, video games, and anything else you want to do. You worked hard all day now you can enjoy yourself guilt-free!


8 pm – 9 pm Dinner


Unplug from all devices and sit at the dinner table with family and relatives


9 pm -10:30 pm Free Time


We won’t tell you what to do with your evenings, they are yours to enjoy how you please. We would suggest trying to get to bed early-ish. Sleep for young minds, even those college-aged, is extremely important for development. Please get to bed!