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How parents can support learners in virtual classes

Virtual learning is changing the way that students can learn. However, just because the environment looks different does not mean that relationships are any less central to the learning process for students enrolled in virtual courses. Parents and other caregivers offer some of the most critical guidance that students need to be successful in their academic journey.

Learners enrolled in virtual programs, the basic support they need from parents is much the same as any traditional student—positivity, accountability, and the knowledge that family members are aware of and care about what they’re working on. But, virtual learning does come with some unique logistics and additional challenges that parents and caregivers can be instrumental in to help their children manage.

Here are five things parents can do to help their child achieve success in virtual courses:

Help Your Child Build a Schedule

Learners in virtual courses need to build their own routines and effectively manage their time in order to stay on track.

Model Hard Work and Persistence

Success in virtual courses takes a high level of intrinsic motivation and self-directed effort. For some virtual learners, this motivation comes naturally, but for others, especially those new to online courses, getting accustomed to self-pacing and working through the normal, productive struggles of learning more independently can be challenging. Parents and other caregivers can make a big difference simply by demonstrating the ubiquity and importance of these skills in the “real world” beyond school.

Set Up a Designated Workspace

Learners taking virtual courses have the ability to complete their work where they want, so it’s important to put thought into what kind of environment is truly most effective for them and make sure that they have a designated space at home.

Familiarize Yourself with the Virtual Learning Platform

Learners taking virtual courses spend their school days immersed in an online program. For parents, taking the time to get familiar with what that platform looks like, how your child is using it, and what resources are available are some of the best ways you can offer support.

Build a Relationship with Your Child’s Teachers

Virtual teachers are teachers like any others! They’re qualified, dedicated professionals who want to build strong relationships with their learners—and part of that is getting to know learners ’ families and broader support systems.

For parents, your child’s virtual teachers are your primary teammates in supporting your child through his or her online schoolwork.

Ignite Minds Afrika is proud to offer virtual learning options to support students and their families.

May 5, 2020