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4 Examples of Gamification Elearning

Gamification is a word with a lot of baggage! Maybe you hear it, roll your eyes and think “buzzword”? Or perhaps it sounds a bit daunting to you? The truth is, there are loads of ways to incorporate games and gaming elements into your elearning.

Read on for a few inspiring examples of gamification in elearning.

When it comes to gamified elearning, it’s not usually about designing a full-blown video game. It’s about taking elements that make games engaging, motivating or educational and incorporating those into the learning experiences you design. Elements such as:

  • Story
  • Visual design
  • Competition
  • Challenge
  • Reward
  • Feedback

1. A timed quiz pits the learner against millions

If you need data but are struggling to engage users, take inspiration from this Open University example. The quiz contributes valuable data to facial recognition research, but from a user perspective a few simple features present it as a game. It manages to be fun and engaging, but also academically useful.

2. A gamified quiz with badges to motivate

When does a quiz become a game? Perhaps when visual rewards and badges are introduced alongside basic point-scoring, or maybe when a timer introduces an element of competition. This example does both of those things, as well as demonstrating several different question types.

3. Scenario + game elements = sales simulation

This demo shows how simple gaming mechanics can be cleverly applied to a scenario-based approach. The result: a realistic learning environment that really resonates with salespeople.

4. A story-led life-saving game

This multi-award winning solution stands the test of time as a great example of gamified elearning. What makes it stand out is the combination of gaming principles with immersive storytelling and strong characters.


March 3, 2020

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